SCGC Strategic Planning Weekend

A few weeks ago I met with my fellow board members of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada at the SOCAN office in Toronto. We discussed many issues facing screen composers today, and how we plan on addressing these concerns and focusing our resources over the next three years. It was great to meet some of my other colleagues for the first time and catch up with the others. We’re fortunate to have such a roster of talented and accomplished allies on our side, and I believe we’ll be able to make some real progress for our community.

FFT Piano Collections Update

A few years ago I began arranging some solo piano pieces from the Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata wrote a beautiful score that never received the official reduction enjoyed by other games in the series, so I set out to create an “Unofficial FFT Piano Collections” album of sorts. Sadly, I never found the time to finish it. Just a few days ago I stumbled across purpleschala‘s Youtube channel, and to my surprise she recorded the two pieces I had arranged! purpleschala did an amazing job performing them, and I’d like to share them here:

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