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Original Instruments

Performance Zither

Performance Zither was created to facilitate playability while reducing the need to tame parameters. The instrument provides a variety of articulations and sound-shaping options and even includes some tools that can help spark creative ideas.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.


  • Up to 4x round robin
  • Up to 3 velocity layers
  • Over 500 individual samples
  • 4 articulations 
  • Configurable flams
  • Configurable tremolos
  • Configurable keyswitches
  • Finger-damp release triggers
  • 3 different playing modes, including performable arpeggios and rain effects

Audio Demo

Performance Typewriter

From the depths of the attic comes this clacky relic and perhaps the most meticulously sampled typewriter around. Performance Typewriter includes up to four velocity layers, 10x round-robin, release triggers, and all sorts of carriage returns, paper rips, and other knobs and switches. Yes, it even includes the bell.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.


  • Up to 10x round robin and up to 4 velocity layers
  • Over 350 individual samples, including releases
  • Home row keys, spacebar, shift, backspace, and bell sounds
  • Carriage returns, paper rips, feed knob, and various switches
  • Configurable volume curve options
  • Realistic velocity and polyphony modes that mimic the behaviour of a real typewriter

Audio Demo

Other Software

KGraphic Text Editor

KGraphic Text Editor is a tool for Kontakt scripters and GUI designers. It allows you to easily create, edit, and maintain the GUI elements’ accompanying text files.


  • Parses and displays Kontakt image metadata
  • Provides an editable table listing all images and their properties
  • Ensures only Kontakt-readable values are saved
  • Flags Invalid values from externally edited files
  • Creates and removes all accompanying text files in batch
  • Shows image previews and extended properties
  • Calculates frame dimensions for images with multiple frames (animations)
  • Remembers previous image locations

Version History

  • – Fixed an issue where entering values into the “Horizontal Resizable” field could corrupt the text file. Fixed a typo in the “About” dialog.
  • – Initial release

Kontakt Scripts

CC to Keyswitch (multiscript)

Converts incoming CC messages to note-on messages. Use this script to add chasing functionality for instruments that only support keyswitches, or if you want to avoid keyswitching (via note-ons) altogether.

Auto-Divisi (multiscript)

Intelligently divides incoming MIDI data to multiple channels. Up to 16 different instruments can be played simultaneously and independently.
New! Version 1.4 introduces a monophonic/unison mode that can be enforced by a CC value.