Auto-divisi v1.4

I have updated the popular Auto-divisi script to v1.4. This version introduces a new monophonic/unison mode that forces any incoming notes to be assigned to all voices. This is useful for scenarios where you want all voices to be playing the same unison melody. Without a proper unison mode, voices could drop out if the user isn’t careful with the timing of the note-ons and note-offs.

Grab it for free here!

SOCAN Foundation Award

I recently receivedĀ a SOCAN Foundation Award for my music in Charles Kenhao Mai’s film “Parkability” (third place in the “Best Original Score – Animated” category). I’d like to thank the SOCAN Foundation for their generosity and support, and for recognizing young audio visual composers.

You can check out the film here, and read about the SOCAN Foundation awards here.