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Instruments/Sample Libraries

  • Performance Zither (Kontakt)

    zither_glamour_1Performance Zither was created to increase playability while reducing the amount of time spent “taming” parameters. The instrument provides a variety of articulations and sound-shaping options and even includes some tools that can help spark creative ideas. Available in both free and full versions, with 16 and 24-bit variants. See more/download…

  • Performance Typewriter (Kontakt)

    typewriter_glamour_1From the depths of the attic comes this clacky relic and perhaps the most meticulously sampled typewriter around. Performance Typewriter includes up to four velocity layers, 10x round-robin, release triggers, and all sorts of carriage returns, paper rips, and other knobs and switches. Yes, it even includes the bell. Available in both free and full versions. See more/download…


Kontakt Scripts

  • CC to Keyswitch (multiscript)

    Converts incoming CC messages to note-on messages. Use this script to add chasing functionality for instruments that only support keyswitches, or if you want to avoid keyswitching (via note-ons) altogether.

  • Auto-Divisi (multiscript)

    Intelligently divides incoming MIDI data to multiple channels. Up to 16 different instruments can be played simultaneously and independently.
    New! Version 1.4 introduces a monophonic/unison mode that can be enforced by a CC value.


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